Peter the Great

Miami’s Bass Museum of Art celebrates Peter Marino...

Peter Marino—who has designed hotels, commercial buildings, high-end retail stores, and premier residences around the world—is known for executing all aspects of a project, from the architecture and interior furnishings to the art on the walls. Starting next month, Miami’s Bass Museum of Art will celebrate the renowned architect and his multifaceted approach to design with One Way: Peter Marino. The five-month exhibit—curated by Jérôme Sans, the former creative director and editor-in-chief of L’Officiel Art—will begin December 4 during the Art Basel show in Miami and will continue through May 3, 2015. For the occasion, the German contemporary artist Gregor Hildebrandt will cover the 35,000-square-foot museum in a photo of Marino. Hildebrandt’s work will also appear inside with Orphische Schatten (Orphic Shadows), an installation featuring hundreds of strips of videotape from Jean Cocteau’s 1949 film, Orphée. Paintings and sculpture from Marino’s own contemporary art collection, including Richard Deacon’s All Grown Up (2010) and Thomas Houseago’s 2011 Moon Mask (Two Plane), will be on display, as will the architect’s recent line of sculptural bronze cabinets. Concluding the exhibit will be set designs and a video from the opera that Marino and his wife, Jane Trapnell, helped create and ultimately staged in their New York home in 2013. (bassmuseum.org)

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