Picking Up Steam

Miele’s Combi-Steam oven ($3,695) combines steam and convection in one device, as the company’s previous models have done, but it comes with a 40 percent larger interior, to cook more food. The new oven, which Miele introduced in March, also enables cooks to adjust the cooking method (baking, steaming, or both), temperature, and moisture level with custom settings or choose from more than 100 automated settings for meats, vegetables, and breads and pastries. The oven’s most impressive capabilities reportedly include cooking fish, vegetables, and a chocolate soufflé all at once with no aroma contamination.

Sound too good to be true? Potential buyers can visit any of the company’s 10 design centers across the country for a complimentary cooking demonstration and tasting of food cooked in the Combi-Steam oven. These demonstrations also showcase the brand’s other appliances, including the standard ovens, with rotisseries for cooking the perfect chicken; the refrigerators, with the brand’s proprietary Wi-Fi system, which alerts users to any sudden drops in temperature that might spoil food or wine; and the dishwashers, which, according to Miele, not only clean the dirtiest of dishes, but also are the only dishwashers gentle enough to safely clean Riedel glasses.


Miele, 800.843.7231, www.mieleusa.com

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