A Place to Hide

Resource Furniture, a 14-year-old distributor that specializes in multifunctional pieces that maximize space, is now the exclusive dealer of Stealth Kitchen Modules. Occupying a footprint as small as 6 feet wide by 30 inches deep, these chic walls of cabinetry from the Pennsylvania-based YesterTec—known for its innovative alternatives to the standard built-in kitchen—conceal a refrigerator and freezer, a four-burner range, an oven, a dishwasher, and a microwave behind doors that automatically turn off the appliances when shut. Starting at $15,500, the Stealth Kitchen Modules are fully customizable and can be built a variety of configurations to accommodate laundry machines, sinks, island units, and double ovens, making them ideal for condos or discrete interior areas. Eighteen wood and lacquer finishes include Bombay Mahogany and Tobacco Oak.

Resource Furniture, 212.753.2039, www.resourcefurniture.com

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