Pollack Introduces the Makers Collection

The Makers collection from Pollack is a collaborative collection that brought together artists from different design backgrounds to create innovative fabrics inspired by their own designs.

The five artists that joined the Pollack designers for this project include Klaus Burge, a jeweler and metalsmith who works with various metals; Liz Collins, fashion designer and knitter who creates groundbreaking clothing and textile installations; Nathan Craven, a ceramicist and fine artist who creates ceramic bricks of “wacky” shapes used for floor and wall designs; Katherine Gray, glass blower who creates objects and installations from hand-blown glass; and Matthias Pliessnig, furniture designer and wood worker who specializes in a steam bending technique he learned from building boats. 

Each designer offered his or her specialty to assist in designing the cutting-edge fabrics for this collection. From each partnership came multiple designs reflecting the specific artist’s craft:

  • From Klaus Burge: Calligraphy, Bling & Skywriting featuring flowing, winding patterns with metallic yarns to represent his work with various metals
  • From Liz Collins: Aphrodite, Zeus & X-Rated featuring various knitted embellishments creating an exciting appearance with striking elements of lines and texture
  • From Nathan Craven: Odyssey & Wacky featuring the same concept behind his intricate ceramic designs with detailed and texturized patterns
  • From Katherine Gray: Beam, Mirror Mirror & Reflector featuring designs based on glass pieces she specifically created for the collection
  • From Matthias Pliessnig: Odalisque & Interplay featuring intricate designs inspired by his wood working techniques using overlapping layers and textures 

The Makers collection is available in Pollack’s showroom in Manhattan’s famed D&D Building as well as in fine showrooms throughout the US, Canada, UK, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. For showroom information, please visit www.pollackassociates.com or contact Spread PR. 

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