Puiforcat’s Hard-Core Cutlery

French silversmith Puiforcat and Michelin-star chef Pierre Gagnaire (of Gaya in Paris and Twist at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas) have designed the ultimate chef’s tool: a sleek collection of knives that never dull. The blades have been built with technology developed by Evercut, which uses a laser to fuse titanium carbide into the crest of a stainless steel blade. The metal is then molded and sharpened with a grindstone, creating an edge that the company says is 300 times more durable than that of a traditional stainless steel blade.

The six-piece collection comprises different knives for chopping, paring, filleting, boning, slicing, and cutting bread, and each has a hand-built and numbered rosewood handle. The complete set is available with a rosewood block ($4,675), and some items can be purchased separately: the bread knife ($650); the chopping knife ($730); and paring knives as a set of two ($1,120). Evercut provides a lifetime guarantee, which includes free restoration to the blade as needed. (800.238.5522, www.puiforcat.com)

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