Riedel Creates a Glass for Coca-Cola

For at least 90 years, Coca-Cola has kept spectacularly, theatrically mum about its recipe—even adopting a policy that the only two corporate officials at any given time who are formally permitted to know the formula are forbidden to fly on the same airplane, just in case. While the specifics are unknown (although This American Life appears to have tracked down a legitimate precursor by John Pemberton, who invented the beverage), you can attempt some amateur gas chromatography of your own with a new glass from Riedel designed especially for drinking Coke ($20, or $29.50 for a set of two). As with the company’s groundbreaking collections of individualized glasses for different wine varietals, beers, and spirits (including rum), the glass was developed with a tasting panel of flavor experts. The panel unanimously selected the glass, the company’s first “functional” one for a nonalcoholic drink, for its optimal presentation of the various flavors that combine to make the Coca-Cola taste—whatever they may be. (www.riedel.com)

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