Robb Design Portfolio: Color Contrast

Nearly a decade after the death of Gianni Versace, who once described his couture as having “the memory of the classic mixed with a touch of the future,” the designer continues to influence his company’s products. The Versace home collection (212.317.0224, www.versace.com), which debuted in 1992, comprises furniture and accessories that reflect Gianni’s tastes for the timeless and contemporary. And while the 2007 line marks a departure from his flamboyant palette, the collection’s bold prints and patterns preserve his trademark style.

Draped over Baroque curves, the cotton velvet print on this hand-carved beech wood Salomé armchair ($9,938) is based on the fabrics of 1920s designer Paul Poiret. A more understated union of old and new is a set of three white porcelain vases in 7-, 9.5-, and 12.5-inch sizes ($350 to $568 each), which are spare of ornament save for Versace’s Greek motif.

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