Robb Design Portfolio: East Side

Typically associated with semiopaque crystal treasures and a solidly Occidental style, Lalique (www.lalique.com) turned to the East for inspiration as it created its new China Mood collection—an exquisitely detailed line defined by serpents, dragons, and other sinuous Asian forms. “The China Mood collection was inspired, in part, by Lalique’s own history,” says Craig Zehms, national spokesperson for the company. “In 1929, René Lalique was asked to design glass panels for Shanghai’s Peace Hotel [then called the Cathay Hotel], the Art Deco masterpiece.” Atop the Tianlong decanter, a crystal dragon makes a formidable stopper. On the Serpentine bowl, snakes slither around crystal cabochons toward the piece’s center. “The dragon stands for strength, good fortune, and wealth,” Zehms says. “The serpent symbolizes seduction, wisdom, and fertility. It also evokes the forbidden fruit and the world of temptation that it dwells within.”

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