Robb Design Portfolio: Escape Artist

The most recent collaboration between French designer Jean Boggio and Francis Chen, founder of Chinese porcelain manufacturer Franz Collection (www.franzcollection.com), is a line of furniture, fabrics, and decorative accessories that Boggio likens to “escaping to a world halfway between Avatar and the paintings of Rousseau.” All of the pieces, he says, are “fed by the fountains of Tim Burton’s imagination, forming a jungle re-created out of the fragments of my dreams.” The objects incorporate porcelain depictions of rain forests, for which Boggio designs the casts. He uses layers of lacquer to achieve saturated colors. Prices for his designs—all customizable—range from about $1,000 for a small stool to $110,000 for a pair of bronze consoles covered in gold leaf; the pictured set of four chairs is $7,300, while the folding screen is roughly $37,570. Examples of Boggio’s work are on display now through November 11 at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman.

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