Robb Design Portfolio: Playing the Angles

French designer Hervé Van der Straeten is known for his limited-edition creations, and of those his one-of-a-kind Piercing console table may be the rarest. “The concept was to create an intersection between the parallelepiped and the cylinder,” says the jeweler turned furniture designer, who delivered the angular one-off design to the Ralph Pucci showroom in New York (www.ralphpucci.net) last fall. The $125,000 piece, which incorporates high-shine stainless steel and red-lacquered feet, appears to have been penetrated by an oversize bullet, and its influences seem to hover between the Art Deco era and the early Atomic Age. “I like contrasting ‘warm’ materials like the red lacquer with ‘cold’ materials like the stainless steel,” says Van der Straeten. “Each is heightened by the other one.”


Handcrafted in the designer’s Bagnolet, France, workshop, the roughly 94-by-22-by-34-inch Piercing commands attention—and placement in the middle of a room. The piece, unlike traditional consoles that fit against a wall, features contours on both sides, so that it can “be viewed from 360 degrees,” explains Van der Straeten. “I wanted this to be very sculptural. I felt that this piece should be unique, even exceptional.”

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