Robb Report’s 21 Ultimate Gifts: Look and Listen

New York–based Innovative Audio Video, considered to be one of the best dealers in the realms of both audio equipment and home theater, is offering a unique two-pronged package that includes the ultimate listening room and the ultimate home theater. Innovative Audio Video representatives will interview you at your home and examine the rooms in which you plan to install the equipment to ensure ideal acoustics. If you prefer, the company will design suitable rooms for each, from the ground up. The ultimate listening room could include the finest components from Mark Levinson, Wilson Audio, and Transparent Audio. The home theater, which would accommodate four to six viewers, could include a 120-inch-plus Stewart screen, a Runco DLP projector or a Sony CRT projector, Wilson’s new WATT Puppy 7 speakers, Mark Levinson processors and power amps, and an Ayre Acoustics DVD player. Regardless of which components you select, Innovative Audio Video will make certain that your rooms represent the best of both worlds.

Price: starting at $225,000 for the listening room, and starting at $500,000 for the home theater.

Contact: Innovative Audio Video Showrooms, 212.634.4444, www.innovativeaudiovideo.com

The price for each room includes the cost of the components, the installation, and the consulting fees. A visit to one of the company’s New York area showrooms is recommended, but is not included.

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