Shahrooz Furniture Debuts New Acrylic Highlights at Fall High Point Market

Los Angeles, CA. (November 2014)- The perfect cutting edge symbiosis of art and design characterized the new acrylic additions of the Shahrooz Collection that were presented at High Point Market in IHFC Building. Space D715 on the 7th floor on Oct. 18-23, 2014. 

The newest additions are inspired by abstract art and the beauty of nature which recreate the lucid, transparent, and open space touch that is the Shahrooz signature. Founder and President, and designer Shahrooz Nia, is inspired by the clarity that the acrylic materials provide him along with the flexibility of being more artistic with the designs. All of the Shahrooz original designs are registered with the USA copyright office and are signed by the artist for authenticity. This season, the Shahrooz pieces that were introduced at High Point feature more circular motions which can be seen in the “Bubble Tables.” The transparency that acrylic pieces create accentuates the surrounding interiors and creates a vibrant, fluid, and distinct surrounding.

Some of the highlights of the Shahrooz Collection that were seen at the market are the finely designed Exquisite Grand Sculpture (#A2110) The Exquisite Grand Sculpture is made out of three clear branches that are embellished with hand painted flowers and balls in earth tones colors and then delicately put together which makes this grand sculpture one of the most exquisite pieces that was introduced at market. The Chateau Sofa Table (#CHAT900) is a Shahrooz classic and traditional in design. This piece has a clear acrylic design throughout the entire piece and is light in design which allows for the piece to make a statement in any area of the room. The Mademoiselle Dining Chair (#MAD1000) highlights a beautiful and modern dining chair made from modern medium acrylic and has exquisite ultra-comfort as the back of the chair is tri-dimensionally bent and curved. The fabric used on the chair can be customized which includes a variety of suede. Another highlighted piece of the collection is the Shahrooz Block Sculpture (#A2090) which features rectangular and square pieces that are hand painted into the clear acrylic and cunningly placed together for an innovative design. This approach to design can also be seen in the Block Coffee Table (BL900) which features rectangular and square pieces that are crackled and then hand painted with bronze, copper, and gold.

 Shahrooz was founded in 1992, and has quickly dominated the acrylic home furnishing market by continuously producing products known to elevate the market for quality craftsmanship, intelligent design, and articulate expressions. Shahrooz Nia, has introduced numerous design concepts such as carved and hand painted acrylic artifacts. Each piece is an original handmade product with its own design and distinguishing characteristics, no two pieces are exactly alike.

 For more information, please visit our official website www.shahrooz-art.com.

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