Sharon Marston Dazzles with Her Amara Chandelier

The design incorporates hundreds of tulip-shaped pendants suspended from fiber-optic strands…

Photo by Daniel Brooke

Turn on the magic of Sharon Marston’s dazzling designs.

When the Four Seasons hotel in Abu Dhabi opens later this year, guests passing through the property’s lobby will behold the soft, shimmering light of the Amara chandelier. Created by Sharon Marston (sharonmarston.com), the pendant holds hundreds of tulip-shaped pieces of bone china at the ends of fiber-optic glass strands. “I love the warm glow that is produced from bone china when it is illuminated and wanted to create a component that blooms with light,” says Marston, who opened her studio in London in 1997 after a career in fashion. Amara is one in the British designer’s collection of more than 30 lighting fixtures, which clients (commercial or private) can customize to fit their spaces and wishes. Prices range from about $11,000 for standard-size pieces to a few million dollars for large-scale projects. Last year she created 46 installations, including a nearly 90-foot chandelier for a cruise ship, and she is still on the move. Marston is working with a client in Southeast Asia to produce her first kinetic light installation. 

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