Silver Swoon

THG, the Parisian manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and accessories, has partnered with Christofle, the French maker of silver flatware and decorative objects, for two new bath collections that combine THG’s functionality with Christofle’s artistry. Each piece in the Malmaison series of faucets, handles, hooks, and towel racks bears Christofle’s Malmaison pattern, a design of lotus leaves and palmettes first created in 1967. THG has updated the pattern with motifs that recall ancient Roman columns. Available in crystal, Carrara marble, portoro marble, brass, or chrome, the pieces start at $3,800. Additionally, Christofle, together with the French designer Andrée Putman, who died in January, designed THG’s modern collection called O. The O line features more than 20 pieces that pay homage to Putman’s successful Vertigo collection of home accessories for Christofle. The trademark ring motif marks the knobs, while faucets and tub fillers remain sleek and unadorned. Prices for O start at $1,900.

THG, 954.425.8225, www.thgusa.com

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