Skram’s Saddle Stool Brings a Touch of Whimsy and Elegance to the Kitchen

Combining organic design with a touch of the cool factor, Skram’s Saddle Stool delivers on both look and feel. Standing 18 inches high and available in 8 different leather options, this hand-stitched dining stool provides a comfortable respite without taking up too much space.

Skram’s creative direction is led by A. Jacob Marks, named one of the top 50 young designers of the Americas (Young Designers: Americas, Daab). Marks’ work is rooted in a philosophy that argues for the inextricability of good design and fine workmanship. Skram’s approach to manufacturing is rooted in the belief that the objects produced by a society are a reflection of the character and priorities of that society.

The company seeks to promote an interpretation of sustainability that directly impacts not only what is produced, but also the mode of production. Thus, Skram furniture brings the artisan back to the factory, producing objects on a scale that permits the fulfillment of volume orders without sacrificing the attention to detail expected by its customers.

Quality, durability, restraint, utility—Skram furniture is a reflection of these resurgent American ideals. Leading by example, the company embodies an ethic that merges innovative, useful design with meticulous workmanship and an encompassing view of sustainability. To learn more about Skram Furniture, visit www.skramfurniture.com.

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