Sleek and Sustainable Furnishings

John Houshmand’s latest furniture collection, Shazam, is a juxtaposition of sleek Lucite or glass and organic wood. The artist and owner of the SoHo and LA-based galleries bearing his name applies thinly sliced layers of wood to glass or Lucite to create what he calls his signature microslab. “I use wood as a graphic element rather than a furniture element,” he explained. He describes his wood treatment as a painterly finish because the slices reveal the wood’s inherent ring patterns almost like a brush stroke.

Furniture designs include cherry wood dining-table chairs ($2,200 to $2,400) and the Silver Bullet table ($36,000), an integrated oak and aluminum tabletop secured on black walnut legs. Among his most popular items is the Beaver Table ($13,750), a three-quarter-inch slab of blue-green glass secured on gnawed branches that go straight through the tabletop.

This April, John Houshmand launches JH2.onetreehome, his first collection of catalog furniture, a 60-piece lower-priced collection ($500 to $12,000) made from trees knocked down by hurricanes and crafted by Nicaraguan artisans. (212.965.1238, 310.294.8577, www.johnhoushmand.com)

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