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Alistair Hughes wants to find your perfect match in the bedroom. As the managing director of the London-based Savoir Beds, he believes that a bed should fit like a glove—or a custom-made suit. “It’s about comfort, style, and allowing the client to have whatever they want,” he says, drawing a comparison between his company and a Savile Row tailor. “You need a bed that takes your shape.”

In the spirit of sartorial artistry, Hughes hopes to design the ultimate Savoir bed collection for one Robb Report reader. The gift (starting at $1 million) revolves, literally, around a custom bed for the recipient’s master suite. The package will feature Savoir’s newest model, the Panoramic State Bed, whose first example was designed last year for a client who wished to enjoy the sweeping views of the South of France outside his bedroom window. Savoir thus created a round bed that rotates on a platform. For this year’s Ultimate Gift Guide, Hughes is offering the Panoramic State Bed topped with a supreme version of the brand’s Royal Mattress and outfitted with such new features as a built-in sound system, a Champagne-stocked refrigerator in the headboard, and a 3-D television hidden within the bed’s foot. “We’ve never fit together such a complicated bed,” he says. “It will be the pinnacle of what we’re doing.” 

The gift will also include new mattresses for each of the rooms in the recipient’s residences, as well as beds for his or her yachts and jets. (Savoir will even design beds for the recipient’s pets, if desired.) The British interior designer Guy Oliver will style and dress each bed in the collection.

The recipient will have the opportunity to journey to the Savoir atelier in London to be fitted for the beds. Should needs change over time, Savoir will make the necessary alterations at no additional cost, ensuring tailor-made comfort for every night’s sleep.

Savoir Beds, +44.20.8453.6470, savoirbeds.com 

A minimum of six months will be required for completion and delivery.

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