Small Size and Extraordinary Light Directly From CreativeMary

Small in stature and made to accompany reading or to add a soft mood light, table lamps aren’t always the most impressive. CreativeMary doesn’t think, however, that table lamps should be left in the background, which is why it is presenting what it considers three of its most audacious table pieces of 2014.

Tribeca table lamp was inspired in one of New York City’s hottest downtown neighborhoods. The total customization of this piece makes versatility a key tool in the decoration of your space, allowing you to change the color and finish of the lacquered glass body,  metal structure and fabric shade never losing the sophistication and elegance present in his original inspiration.

Chiado, one of the most iconic and traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon and once the center of Portuguese Romanticism is today one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the Portuguese capital. The exquisite Chiado table lamp with its predominantly golden look and light clear glass body is the detail that gives luxury to your décor.

On Grapes table lamp, the light flowing through the black fabric shade and reflecting off the hammered-brass medallions brings the same sense of refined luxury as opening a classic wine. As the times passes, the light expressed through the metallic ornaments will emit tranquility and warmth, leaving you to indulge in another glass.

Grapes from NatureMary Collection, Chiado and Tribeca from CosmoMary Collection are three table lamps that stand out for their bold features, whether classic elements such as gold and glass or futuristic lines and unusual combinations of textures.

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