Peloton Designer Unveils His Own Exercise Bike

The smartly designed fitness bike connects to an app that tracks key performance vitals.

VDG Bike Photo Credit: Courtesy

Designer Eric Villency rose to fame in the fitness world by designing high-tech workout bicycles for SoulCycle and Peloton. This holiday season, the 43-year-old innovator is branching out with the first workout bike released from his own company, Villency Design Group. The aptly named VDG Bike—which is made out of carbon steel and offers the possibility of customized colors, seats, handlebars, and pedals—will be available to both fitness studios and consumers.

“We took so much inspiration from outdoor bikes,” Villency says of the bold black design. “There’s a gracefulness to them, and we wanted to create a visual appearance informed by outdoor bikes.” Villency envisions his new model as an exercise tool that will be useful for fitness consumers, indoor cyclists, and workout-oriented individuals who don’t always have time to go to the gym.

To that end, the VDG bike will come with a fitness app that tracks performance, speed, power, and other key metrics. The app—designed by Villency—personalizes each individual ride and stores vital fitness information in the cloud.

Bikers may also appreciate the bike’s nearly silent belt drive—a novel magnetic braking system that’s calibrated to each user—and multifunctional holders that can effortlessly stow everything from weights to water bottles. For exercisers at home, the bike allows individuals to forgo a gym membership while still having access to the high-tech features they would find in bikes at the gym.

If there’s one thing Villency believes his bikes demonstrably prove, it’s that workouts don’t just have to be painful exercises; they can also be fun. “Indoor cycling has made fitness more fun and engaging to people,” he says.

The sleek fitness bike will cost between $1,900 and $2,300 depending on the customization options that the buyer chooses. Bikes can be purchased through Villency Design Group.

VDG Bike

The fitness bike is made out of carbon steel.  Photo Credit: Courtesy

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