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Steelia finishes are available on all door styles for Arclinea’s Italia and Convivium cabinetry designs...

Kitchen Cabinetry: Steelia Finishes by Arclinea 

In 1988, architect Antonio Citterio made us think about bringing industrial-looking stainless-steel kitchens home, through his revolutionary Italia kitchen design for the Italian manufacturer Arclinea, and stainless steel has since become a staple of kitchen design. Now Citterio has done it again, introducing in 2015 the first kitchen cabinetry finish that actually colors the stainless steel, according to the company. The new finish, dubbed Steelia, comes in three chic shades: bronze (shown), black, and Champagne.  

  • Steelia finishes are available on all door styles for Arclinea’s Italia and Convivium cabinetry designs.

  • A PVD coating affixes color to the steel through the evaporation of titanium molecules within a vacuum chamber, a process the company says strengthens the steel and enhances its resistance to corrosion and friction. 

Arclinea, arclinea.com (starting at $60,000)


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