Stunning and Colorful Crushed-Ice Vases

A new series of glass vessels at Ralph Pucci casts a chromatic spell…

Photo by Pornchai Mittongtare

Originally published in the November/December issue of Robb Report Home & Style as “Design Seen: In Living Color

A new series of vessels at Ralph Pucci casts a chromatic spell. 

Glass is luxuriant with dichotomies. Fragile and commanding, it is born from brawn and fire, but stands so evocatively and delicately that it can soften cynics and reform bullies. It is also an act of discipline to produce. Maestro Andrea Zilio engaged in an ancestral choreography to create the Granzioli collection. The Murano, Italy–based glass artisan handcrafted each vessel with the awareness that only 99 will come into existence. Designer Fabio Maria Micucci’s vision for Granzioli appears to be an astral reversal of glass’s vulnerabilities. Rather than smooth surfaces, his prismatic pieces have texture, like a glacé of crushed icicles on a festive night. This exclusive series for Ralph Pucci, the visionary design gallerist with eponymous showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, features signed pieces in 14 colors. The Granzioli X vase ($5,000, shown in dark amethyst) measures 17 inches high, and is brilliant to behold.  212.633.0452, ralphpucci.net

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