SurrealSpeakers.com chooses AER of Germany as Exclusive Supplier for Full Range Drivers

SurrealSpeakers.com is pleased to announce its exclusive choice of high end audio speaker cones. The latest tests of the AER diaphrams from Stuttgart have proven to be extraordinarily smooth and musical. After three years of testing, the exceptionally dynamic sub-woofers have met their perfect match in the AER cones. The Field Coil version of this speaker debuted at the 2014 Capital Audio Fest with another cone unit which the audio community felt was not suitable for the Surreals. SurrealSpeakers took this feedback to heart and has something utterly new in the high end audio market for under $60,000.

The Surreal system includes two floor standing sub-woofers, each with six 10″ drivers, two head units equipped with the AER cones, the custom built Bettinger Audio Design power supply, a subwoofer amplifier and speaker cables and a two headed power cord.

All this in such a small footprint? Yes. And what a beautiful design. Custom colors by request.

These speakers are built one at a time by hand. Please allow 10 weeks for delivery. Personalized setup available anywhere in the world; please inquire.

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