Tableware for Your Private Jet and/or Superyacht

Various design elements make these porcelain items better suited for turbulence and choppy waters…

Dining en route to a destination tends to be a cheerless matter of relieving hunger or boredom. Michael C. Fina aims to make those meals a more memorable part of the journey with a new line of tableware for yachts and private jets. The Hemisphere Marine Blue Collection ($78 to $312 per piece, michaelcfina.com) is thinner and lighter than most porcelain, with a larger foot for increased stability and generous rims to catch sloshes. Hemisphere, a classic pattern made by the French porcelain house Jean-Louis Coquet, has also been streamlined, with fewer and more versatile pieces, and updated in a jaunty sea blue developed by Steven Fina, owner of Michael C. Fina. “We envisioned serving a beautiful lunch on our family’s yacht, and we wanted the blue to really stand out against the white backdrop,” he says. “But the collection can be used on any table, whether it be on a yacht, plane, or a summer home.”


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