The Christian Lacroix Brand Returns to a New Home

The flamboyant French fashion house Christian Lacroix has returned to Paris with the opening of its one-and-only boutique this summer on the city’s Left Bank. The business, which was closed in 2009, has now reopened, with goods bearing the brand’s familiar aesthetic of colorful designs and prints and inspired by its rich archives. Operating in a former printing shop with exposed brick, low-hanging silver air ducts, and track lighting, the shop features a unique compilation of furnishings, stationery, jewelry, accessories, and ready-to-wear clothing. Robb Report caught up with creative director Sacha Walckhoff for a quick lesson in mix-and-matching the opulent designs.

Q. What is the current focus of the Christian Lacroix line?

A. Gold is back, but in a more minimalist way. Lately, I am leading the brand to a kind of baroque minimalism, mixing rough elements with luxurious elements to achieve a modern aesthetic with a twist. Our sweatshirt in our new men’s winter collection does this. Shaved mink on the front is mixed with wool felt for the back and sleeves.

Q. Did you take this into account when decorating the new Paris boutique?

A. We covered some of the walls with gold leaf. Chanel did it too. But our Parisian boutique is an ancient print house, so we left some of the rough walls as they were in order to achieve that rough and flamboyant mix.

Q. How can gold be incorporated into a home while still appearing modern?

A. For furniture, avoid gold and grand style, and go for the ’50s and ’60s designer pieces like the ones of Jean Prouvé or Charlotte Perriand in order to add a modern touch. Then go back to gold for the little decorative objects like “One Minute Sculpture” by Marcel Wanders. It is always nice to mix gold with a fabric that looks simple. Natural beige linen, for example, or a rough cream cotton. Try our gold Voyage wallpaper (an ancient map of the south of France) with our Feria natural beige linen fabric. The Voyage wallpaper is very light and can be used anywhere.

The best thing is to try and try again until you feel at ease with your choices.

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