The Stylized Kitchen

Can the American market sustain yet another purveyor of luxury kitchens? Based on its experience catering to high-end real estate developers, GD Cucine, the Treviso, Italy-based firm established in 1969, believes so. This fall it inaugurates its first U.S. showroom, a two-level, 8,000-square-foot space on West 17th Street in New York City. It will initially feature contemporary design concepts, but eventually it will open a lower level to highlight its more traditional models. Included in the American debut is the brand-new Argento Vivo (literally, “quicksilver”), a sleek glass kitchen embedded with a particularly hard-to-engineer technology that electronically slides the cabinetry at the curved ends of the wall unit open and closed. A Corian® central work surface is paired with textured glass—orange, yellow, blue, or green, as well as classic black, white, or silver—and the rounded dining extension accommodates a recess that can be used as a wine cooler or fruit bowl. It costs approximately $75,000 without appliances. (646.786.0005, www.gdcucine.com)

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