The Toys of Summer: Fast Food

What the 911 Cabriolet is to summer driving, the new X-Series barbecues could be to summer grilling. Porsche Design Studio—an offshoot of the German automotive company that has designed products ranging from eyewear and luggage to espresso machines and golf clubs—built this grill for speed: The sleek machine contains four infrared burners, laterally mounted at the front and back walls of the interior, that cook food fast and efficiently using Crossray technology. The burner system, in which infrared heat from the front and back crosses to produce a uniform temperature across the grill’s surface, also makes the barbecue quick to clean. (Because the burners are located to the sides instead of underneath the food, fat and juices fall directly into a pan below.) Purely aesthetic features on Porsche Design Studio’s grill include a rolltop hood that slides seamlessly into the body of the unit. Released in April, the X-Series is available as either a cart or an island and retails for $6,000 and $8,500, respectively.


Porsche Design Studio, www.porsche-design.com; available through Barbeques Galore, www.bbqgalore.com

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