Theo’s Modern Art

Theo Furniture is the latest collection by Andrew Frumovitz, whose three-year-old company had specialized in high-end fabrics until now. His 23-piece collection of sofas, club chairs, tables, and ottomans is made from a wide variety of materials, including rosewood, walnut, zebrawood, and wenge veneers, brushed and hammered brass, stainless steel, cane, stone, glass, and resin. Naturally, all of the upholstered pieces feature Theo fabrics and leathers, the latter a new addition launching in February 2012.

“Oftentimes luxury furniture runs the risk of being too precious,” says Frumovitz, who left his chief executive post at J. Robert Scott fabric and furniture design in 2008 to launch his own brand. The California native was strongly influenced by the Golden State’s relaxed lifestyle sensibility. “I love urban and Italian contemporary designs to look at, but sometimes they are so edgy and hard lined that they aren’t comfortable. And some California designs can be comfortable but they aren’t quite as edgy,” notes the designer, who refers to his blending of styles as “American Contemporary.” Ranging in price from $1,600, for dining chairs, to $9,000, for metal tables and cabinets, all of the furniture is made by artisan craftsmen in and around Los Angeles and is completely customizable with a choice of woods, finishes, upholstery, size, and detail specifications. (310.320.8436, www.theodecor.com)

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