THG-Paris Presents Second Collaboration with Baccarat Crystal

Beyond Crystal Collection Offers a Modern and Vibrant Series

LOS ANGELES – Leading French atelier for the bath, THG-Paris proudly announces the debut of Beyond Crystal, its second partnership with Baccarat crystal. Beyond Crystal is a contemporary collection of bath fittings and accessories with translucent, rectangular crystal handles in vibrant Baccarat colors and features THG’s first introduction of LED technology. The handles’ opulence is enhanced as this subtle, soft accent allows the pure Baccarat crystal to glow. THG has designed the crystal handles to rest effortlessly on top of their escutcheon bases, which are coupled with the LED option that illuminates from the base and can be dimmed to any level. Using celebrated techniques past down for generations, Beyond Crystal is constructed by THG’s expert artisans who tool, cast, mold and hand-finish each piece, resulting in an exceptional, quality product. And, as in THG’s first collection in tandem with Baccarat – this newest collection stays true to the impeccable color standards of both exceptional French establishments.

The dynamic, contemporary Beyond Crystal collection also marks THG’s first collaboration with renowned designer Rémi Tessier who has a long history in designing yachts and other high-profile, top secret luxury projects. THG-Paris was the perfect fit for Tessier, and his talent is visibly displayed in the modern, fluid and glamorous collection. Tessier coined the collection Beyond Crystal by creating a series with his signature flair into an exciting crystal silhouette that goes even further by coming to life with color and light. At the lowest level, the illumination can create the gentle ambiance of soft candlelight or they can be turned up to make a bold statement.

This striking and original jewelry-inspired series is available in a wide range of hues including ruby red, soft champagne, aqua, and deep blue as well as clear crystal. Each widespread faucet and tub filler also features a dramatic, elongated spout and all variations in the collection are available in a variety of finishes, with or without the LED option.

 “Pétale de Cristal is our most successful collection to date, so we are thrilled to release this second collaboration with Baccarat” said Pedro Uranga, North American director of THG-Paris. “This modern design incorporating Baccarat’s signature colors such as deep red and colbalt blue, as well as introducing colors such as aqua and champagne, is sure to appeal to our extensive clientele, as well as those seeking something modern and different. Beyond Crystal is also the perfect series to debut our optional LED enhancements, offering variations of the beautiful colors in light, and we plan to incorporate this technology in future collections next year. We are also proud to be working with Tessier, a leader in yachting design as well as other luxury interior design projects. His contemporary, clean design works seamlessly with Baccarat’s fine crystal.”

THG’s Beyond Crystal bathroom collection is defined by its modern style, featuring crystal lattices and pure shapes, with each set adorned with the prestigious Baccarat signature. The collection also includes a stunning mounted thermostatic shower set, tub filler and a multitude of accessories. Sure to add great dimension to the bath, THG also plans to offer the same LED enhancements to future collections in 2015.

Award-winning designer Rémi Tessier is one of the world’s elite interior designers of super yachts, private residences, luxury offices and haute-couture custom furniture for prestigious clientele. Tessier has designed projects all over the world including Paris, Monaco, Nice, Lyon, London and Geneva. In 2013, Tessier received the 2013 Showboats Design Award for Interior Design for Displacement Motor Yachts. The interior designer opened up his showroom in Paris in 1995 for furniture design and in April 2002, he opened a gallery exhibition space devoted to design and the visual arts, also located in Paris.

THG-Paris was also recently awarded the prestigious EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) Quality Label by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, a label that Baccarat received in 2007. This further illustrates the commitment that THG-Paris and Baccarat have to producing the finest materials and craftsmanship. The EPV (known in English as “Living Heritage Enterprise”) Quality Label is a mark of recognition that distinguishes French companies with craft skills and manufacturing excellence. The label characterizes companies with a history and heritage in innovation and a unique know-how that have helped to establish their reputation as a French business.

To learn more about the Beyond Crystal collection and other fine THG products, contact Mariakay Chakos at mariakay@drsandassociates.com 818-981-8210.

About THG®-Paris

Based near Normandy, France, the house of Tetard-Haudiquez-Grisoni (THG®-Paris) is world renowned for its exquisite, hand-crafted collections of faucets and accessories for the bath. Bearing a long-standing tradition of aligning with similar-minded luxury brands, THG maintains partnerships with Lalique, Bernardaud, DAUM, Baccarat, Christofle, and major name designers, Jean-Claude Delépine, Pierre-Yves Rochon, Alberto Pinto, Chantal Thomass, Jamie Drake, among others, to create products that are unparalleled in their look, composition and design, bringing opulence and artistry to fine baths everywhere. THG has received an EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) Quality Label by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. This prestigious citation is given to those companies that preserve on-going artisan craftsmanship traditions, emblematic of French ingenuity and are specific to a dedicated region and part of France’s rich cultural heritage. The process to receive this label is arduous with company tours, an examination and evaluation by regional government authorities.

THG collections are comprised of over 250,000 products and found in luxury architectural residences, hotels, resorts, yachts and royal palaces worldwide. Customers may visit one of 90 authorized THG design showrooms across North America to choose from a selection of over 150 designs and 35 finishes. THG-USA serves as the exclusive importer of THG products to the United States, Canada and Mexico. For more information, phone (954) 425-8225 or visit www.thgusa.com.

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