THG®- Paris and Baccarat Announce Bath Series Pétale de Cristal

THG®-Paris, the leading French atelier for the luxury bath, unveils Pétale de Cristal, which represents the brand’s first foray with one of the most prestigious and recognized brands in fine French crystal, Baccarat. This dramatic series, created by THG collaborator and hospitality designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, dazzles with innovation, detail and color.  Bearing the distinctive Baccarat imprint and using the delicate lotus flower as inspiration, the collection is available in a diverse range of rich color options including crisp crystal (with a choice of clear or gold accented detailing), deep red, bold blue, and the mysterious and unexpected black. A full series of bath and shower fittings as well as sensational accessories have been designed to complement the collection. The brilliant and dynamic Baccarat colored crystal handles are paired with several finish variations of the fittings, including polished chrome and gold.

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