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Los Angeles, CA. – Tidelli joins the USA market from Brazil with a stylish and vibrant entrance as they debuted 8 collections at their flagship location in Greater Los Angeles. The new lines introduced to the U.S. market are a part of Tidelli’s 20 collections that are available to the market.The lines that are now available to the market are Bali, Conica, Goa, Nusa Dua, Piramide, Savannah, Shambala, and Sailor. Known for their nautical ropes and their innovation in outdoor furniture design along with their Brazilian signature style, Tidelli Outdoor Living presented their introductions at 18295 Euclid St, Fountain Valley, CA.

The 8 new lines that are a part of the Tidelli Outdoor Living collection are vivacious, striking, and dynamic while carrying Tidelli’s forward innovation in outdoor furniture design. This season, Tidelli Outdoor Living will astound the market with the new creation of a faux concrete design after much research. The new faux concrete material is made with different layers of resin and looks similar to real concrete, with the same texture, but with a lighter yet more rigid surface. The new material is offered in 3 color options which are white, graphite and cement. The new faux concrete material is weather-resistant and a rigid material. It is a phenomenal option for tabletops-with thick, rounder edges.The faux concrete is more affordable and requires less maintenance compared to other options such as wood. In addition to this astonishing new material, Tidelli Outdoor Living is adding to their renowned nautical rope collection with the creation of 11 new hybrid rope colors. The new hybrid rope fuse many rope colors to create new colors. There are also 6 new aluminum color options and 21 new fabric patterns as Tidelli believes in being able to meet customization requests.

Some of the highlights of the Tidelli Collection are the Mesh Swivel Lounge Chair which is a stylish and sophisticated outdoor piece with a woven mesh style, swivel design, and top of the line comfort seating. The BoraBora Sofa is elegant and features Tidelli’s hybrid nautical ropes and wood as the key components. The Sailor Lounge Chair is one of the many contemporary pieces in the new collection. Also at Tidelli is the Painho Shell Swing which is a one of a kind design. This design follows as an addition to the highly successful Painho chair which received an Innovation In Design Award. This swing chair is the perfect mix of luxury and comfort in a statement piece. The Conica Table is an astonishing Tidelli table with a glass top, aluminum, and nautical ropes.

After 25 years of creating and transforming the outdoor luxury furniture industry in Brazil, Tidelli Outdoor Living has opened a flagship showroom in the Greater Los Angeles area that serves as the distribution center with a dual focus on residential and hospitality business. Tidelli Outdoor Living offers a wide collection of over 200 handmade products in infinite color combinations. The product portfolio includes a variety of chairs, sofas, sun loungers, day beds, dining tables, stools, and much more. The collection is made with materials that are able to withstand outdoor conditions such as aluminum, ceramics, teak wood, nautical ropes and special acrylic fabrics. Since 1989, Tidelli Outdoor Living has continually expanded its market in Brazil with 12 flagships stores. As of today, the company has 24 showrooms in Brazil and more than 5,000 hospitality projects installed.

Tidelli Outdoor Living is a family owned company that was formed and managed by three siblings: Tatiana, Roberta, and Luciano. The youngest brother, Giancarlo Mandelli, has now also joined the company to expand its oceans to the Northern hemisphere. Starting as young Brazilian entrepreneurs, they have spent decades devoting in constant research and product development. The Tidelli Outdoor Living manufacturing facility was constructed in an underdeveloped community with a focus on socially sustainable business practices including continued job and growth opportunities for the local residents and is proud to continue their growth into the United States.

For more information, please visit the official website www.tidelli.com


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