Tidelli Outdoor Living To Launch An Exclusive Accessory Line

With a burning desire to provide colorful touches that are decorative, stylish, and are perfect for one’s personal taste, Tidelli Outdoor Living will be launching its exclusive line of hand-made outdoor Tidelli Accessories. The Tidelli Accessory Collection is part of Tidelli’s 2017 Collection and accompanies the 8 Tidelli lines that were recently introduced to the USA market. Tidelli Outdoor Living is set to turn the world of outdoor accessories on its head with its prestigious outdoor furniture, complemented with the new collection of rugs, lanterns, vases and baskets. For many individuals and their guests, the beauty of outdoor accessories can enhance the enjoyment of any occasion, and with fabulous outdoor accessories, they can always look forward to having fun outdoors. It is amazing what the right, even small touches can do, and with a great outdoor ambiance, one can find himself outdoors consistently. Tidelli Outdoor Living will present their introductions at 18295 Euclid St. Fountain Valley, Calif.

Besides being known for their nautical ropes, Brazilian signature style, and innovation in outdoor design, Tidelli products are creatively hand-made and are designed to be customized with either a solid color or stripe combination from over the fifty-two different rope color options available.“Some people overlook the importance of accessories. Our fantastic new hand-made accessories will add to the overall beauty of outdoor design and can provide an ambiance you will love for years to come,” explained Tidelli Outdoor Living. The Tidelli Accessory Collection has three categories that are composed of rugs, lanterns, vases and baskets. Dine and unwind in style from the first warm days of spring to the dying rays of an Indian summer’s evening.

The Tidelli lanterns are made using upcycled glass in Brazil. The art of intentionally forming the new lanterns with upcylced glass embodies Tidelli’s passion for environmental efforts. This technique is combined with Tidelli’s modern techniques in wood making along with the use of rope as the sewing element which creates a unique final product for Tidelli’s loyal consumers. It is made available in more than fifty-two rope colors and three sizes. Tidelli knows that people love creative and inspiring additions to the home and have created a selection of outdoor rugs. Each rug is crafted by the creative mind at Tidelli, each rug is made from environmentally friendly materials and available in different shapes and custom sizes. The vases and baskets also carry Tidelli’s signature style. While the baskets are made in semi-rigid nautical rope, the nautical rope of the vases is hand-woven on a plant-specific rotomolded plastic vase. Individuals can take their pick from calming organic shapes to shiny pieces and expressive patterns, and they can use the vases on their own or try a tone-in-tone styling for a calm and classic look.

Some of the highlights of the Tidelli 2017 collection are the Tidelli Painho Club Lounge Chair which was recently introduced as part of the Tidelli 2017 collection. This design becomes the focal point of any indoor or outdoor space. On top of the comfort and great eye-catching design, the fully hand-made piece is woven with the nautical rope, Tidelli’s signature material. Another highlight are the Tidelli one of a kind lanterns are an exciting addition to Tidelli. The Tidelli Vases and baskets are astonishing and feature nautical rope. The Tidelli Accessory line radiates a drive for the unconventional and an abundance of creativity as their collection of unique designs are made with hands using great instincts. People who are keen on finding a new way to transform their outdoor environment now have the opportunity to enjoy the company’s new line of outdoor accessories.

About Tidelli

After 25 years of creating and transforming the outdoor luxury furniture industry in Brazil, Tidelli Outdoor Living has opened a flagship showroom in the Greater Los Angeles area that serves as the distribution center with a dual focus on residential and hospitality business. Tidelli Outdoor Living offers a wide collection of over 200 handmade products in infinite color combinations. The product portfolio includes a variety of chairs, sofas, sun loungers, day beds, dining tables, stools and much more. Tidelli Outdoor Living is a family owned company that was formed and managed by three siblings: Tatiana, Roberta, and Luciano. The youngest brother, Giancarlo Mandelli, has now also joined the company to expand its oceans to the Northern hemisphere. Starting as young Brazilian entrepreneurs, they have spent decades devoting in constant research and product development. The Tidelli Outdoor Living manufacturing facility was constructed in an underdeveloped community with a focus on socially sustainable business practices including continued job and growth opportunities for the local residents and is proud to continue their growth into the United States.

For more information about Tidelli Outdoor Living, visit the official website www.tidelli.com

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