Tiffany’s Personalized Porcelain

Tiffany & Co. is offering a new level of personalization for its clients: customized hand-painted fine porcelain table settings made by its Parisian atelier. Clients are invited to meet with a Tiffany’s artist to develop a personalized pattern, which is then sent to Atelier Le Tallec, where artists further enhance the design and hand paint it on porcelain plates.  

“We saw an increased interest in personalized products, things that clients can put their signature on and make their own,” says Allen Nissim, director of silver jewelry and gifts at Tiffany. Only 12 artists work at Le Tallec, each trained in the 375 signature patterns of flowers, scrolls, and birds inspired by patterns found in museums and porcelains owned by French royalty. Clients can choose from these 375 designs with personalized additions, or they can work with designers at Tiffany to create a completely new pattern. When real estate mogul Andrew Borrok, who moonlights as a chef for friends and family, requested a set of dishes to suit his every gastronomic creation, Tiffany’s and Le Tallec worked together to create a black-and-white monogrammed crest design with platinum metal detailing that has been imprinted on the more than 400 pieces requested by Borrok. The process usually takes anywhere from six months to a year, depending on the design and order size, although Borrok’s settings, started 14 months ago, will not be completed until late 2009. Each piece is hand painted by one artisan, taking up to eight days to complete from start to kiln firing.

So far the atelier has worked to design settings for special occasions from weddings to anniversaries, but urns decorated with images of the beloved family pet are also a popular request. A minimum order starts at $20,000, with a five-piece set averaging around $5,000. (www.tiffanys.com)

—Alexandra Foster

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