Tonal is a Computer-Controlled Gym You Mount on the Wall

This in-home digital weight program allows you to get in your workout—without all the extra gym equipment.

Tonal Photo Credit: Courtesy

Going all the way to the gym for a workout is so 2017. At-home workout systems with cutting-edge technology (like this seemingly basic Mirror that transforms into a fitness studio with corresponding classes and automated feedback) are giving a new crop of fitness connoisseurs an effective way to work out on their own.

Tonal is the newest offering in the intelligent fitness space. It bears a passing resemblance to Mirror; it’s a wall-mounted strength building system that looks like an oversized flat panel computer touchscreen that’s mounted vertically rather than horizontally. But at its core, it delivers on-demand workouts and personal coaching. The personalized digital weight system combines the convenience of a gym and a personal trainer with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to track your progress on a day-to-day basis. Powered by an electromagnetic resistance engine controlled by a smart algorithm (more on that later), the digital weight program allows you to get in much-needed strength conditioning without having to mess with all the corresponding gym equipment. With sleek black edges and a nondescript screen, the fitness system easily blends into the wall when not in use—but it can be powered up in an instant for a spur-of-the-moment workout.

“While optimal for fitness, strength training is complex for even those experienced with it, and often inconvenient and intimidating to the average person looking to improve their health,” says Aly Orady, CEO and founder of Tonal. “Maintaining a consistent fitness routine is key, so we designed a system centered around convenience and guidance for both athletes and newcomers alike.”


The digital weight program allows you to do strength-conditioning exercises without lots of equipment.  Photo Credit: Courtesy

Before your initial workout, Tonal guides you through a fitness assessment that measures your baseline strength. Based on your baseline and personal goals, the program will create a tailored routine from hundreds of hours of instruction lead by eight coaches. The system will track your progress automatically while recommending the proper weights, remembering your previous records, and suggesting routines that will help you reach new heights.

Advanced features like the aforementioned algorithm allow Tonal to respond to you; if you’re struggling to complete a rep, the system’s sensors will automatically take over and adjust the weight so you’re able to finish your set. And with a simple button push on the smart handles, you can turn the weight on and off so you can guarantee the proper position and technique for a given exercise.

“Few people take the time to find the right program for their goals, know how much weight to lift, or understand when to adjust that weight up or down,” says Kelly Savage, Tonal’s Head of Curriculum. “Tonal has revolutionized these and many other aspects of training, with full-body programs for legs, arms, shoulders, back, and core, incorporating strength, flexibility, and intervals.”

Deliveries will begin this month, and the product will be available to demo at the San Francisco showroom. Tonal retails for $2,995, plus a content and data subscription of $49 per month. To ensure a seamless integration experience, the company is offering a custom in-home installation service for $250.


The system allows you to track your progress on a day-to-day basis.  Photo Credit: Courtesy

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