Top Shops: Old World Charm

For almost two centuries, Holland & Sherry has supplied Savile Row tailors and their peers around the world with exceptional fabrics, but until recently, the Scottish company never made direct contact with the clients who ultimately donned its wares.

That changed in April 2012 when the first Holland & Sherry Bespoke (www.hsbespoke.com) retail store opened on Elizabeth Street in Lower Manhattan. In a cavelike space tucked semi-secretly behind a sculpture gallery, the boutique represents the brand’s new venture into a complete assortment of bespoke design services. “The store is basically the opposite of what we do in the rest of our business,” says company president Bryan Dicker. “We can design your whole home, your wardrobe, and everything in between.”

The store resembles an intimate parlor transported from the confines of a Scottish castle and is accented by tartan patterns on the walls, a life-size model horse, shelves of antique silver barware, and elaborate pieces of taxidermy art—all for sale. “We wanted the room to highlight what we feel Holland & Sherry looks like,” Dicker says.

The boutique’s inventory ranges from bespoke suits ($2,500 to $10,000) to quirky trinkets, like marble bow tie paperweights ($150). The store offers personalized solutions to design needs, and as Dicker explains, those solutions materialize from close staff-client relationships. “We want them to be part of the creative process with us,” he says of the store’s customers. “Lighting, furniture, antiques—whatever you don’t have, we can source it for you.”

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