Transformative Toilets

The Japanese company INAX is pioneering new toilet concepts that transform the utilitarian fixture into a self-cleaning spa-like experience. Its new Regio and Satis integrated toilet designs, which debuted in the U.S. this summer, are equipped with interior bowl and foot LED lighting, heated seats, and an integrated sound system that plays your favorite music the moment you lift the lid. While in use, a system of dual-power deodorizers are immediately activated and followed by a temperature-controlled cleanse using two spray nozzles. Afterward the industry’s first air-driven “Silent Stream Flushing System” delivers a noise-free rinse and activates an incorporated air purifier that emits ions to refresh the room.

Both the Satis and Regio units are made of a super smooth non-porous glazed material that incorporates an antibacterial treatment baked right into the enamel. The Hyper Clean system, as it is known, significantly reduces bacteria and mildew growth to make cleaning even more effortless. INAX, which created both fixtures, actually has a storied history that goes back to 1924, when the ceramic tile company worked with American architect Frank Lloyd Wright on the design of Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel. Since that time the brand has pioneered numerous sanitary applications, including the first advanced toilet seats and automatic faucets, among others. Both Satis ($4,800 in white only) and Regio ($5,900 in white; $7,350 in black) are available at luxury bath shops nationwide. (424.237.1031, www.inax-usa.com)

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