True Colors

Vibrant colors, unique shapes, and transcendental ideas define Clé’s newest tiles...

Vibrant colors, unique shapes, and transcendental ideas define Clé’s newest tiles, which draw inspiration from the human psyche and some of Earth’s natural elements. The Rorschach collection, which launched in October, reinterprets the psychological evaluation of the same name. Fabric and wall-covering designers Paul Simmons and Alistair McAuley of the Glasgow-based studio Timorous Beasties partnered with the two-year-old artisan tile manufacturer for their first-ever tile collection, integrating lively colors and medieval damask motifs into the abstract designs that were originally meant to reveal subconscious fixations. The collection features five 12-by-12-inch designs that are hand-lithographed and available in limestone or Thassos marble, priced at $60 and $75 per square foot, respectively. 

In November, Clé partnered with the British ceramicist Boris Aldridge, who looked to the sea for the new Elements collection, which comprises seven different categories—Cloud, Tidepool, Ocean, Summer, Water, Foam, and Air. Though each category offers unique hand-formed, 4-inch ceramic tiles in varying shapes—some of which feature a center made of crushed recycled glass—the collection’s overall color palette is decidedly sea-inspired with crisp white, soft grays, bright turquoise, and navy blue. The tiles from each category can be arranged together for a more consistent look or mixed to create a distinct arrangement. Square and hexagon styles with a glass center are $25 each, while square tiles with a hand-applied glaze and no glass interior range in price from $20 to $22.50 per tile. (cletile.com

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