Ultimate Home Tour: The Bedroom

At first glance, this penthouse bedroom appears to be a Park Avenue dream retreat. However, with 8,500 square feet of living space, the residence is hardly the kind of place available on the Upper East Side. “The husband is a real estate developer, and the family moved to Florida from New York,” says designer Greg Jordan. “They wanted to keep the tone of the city but adapt it appropriately for the new atmosphere.”

The bedroom’s subtle palette and fabrics—lightweight but luxurious cottons and linens—were chosen specifically for the Key Biscayne Bay climate. With their paintings displayed throughout the rest of the house, the owners wanted these walls to remain bare but not blank. A handpainted mural makes the room more intimate and calm.


As a former associate of top interior designer Mark Hampton, the wife contributed to the overall design, while the husband’s main desire was for a canopy bed. Jordan, who designed most of the furniture, painted the chinoiserie bed black and modeled it after an 18th-century version, even placing small reading lamps under the canopy. “Getting into this bed is an event,” says Jordan. “It’s nearly 10 feet tall and sort of like a tent. It’s a room within a room.” While he added a few other pieces of furniture to the room, including a tufted sofa made from the husband’s favorite cotton chenille, Jordan left ample floor space for the couple’s three children, because the family likes to schedule monthly slumber parties.


“This room is one of the first spaces we did that was almost entirely neutral, since most of our work is usually infused with color,” says Jordan. “It reminded me that color can be a crutch. When you work in light tones, more importance goes into every piece. There’s no place to hide anything. Everything becomes noticeable.”


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