Ultimate Home Tour: The Home Theater

Like many homeowners who want more than just big screens and great sound in their home theaters, the proprietors of this Windermere, Fla., house considered the work of industry leader Theo Kalomirakis. “We thought about consulting him for this project, but the husband is a technophile and the wife is a retired interior designer,” says architect Terry Irwin, who designed the home theater for the 13,000-square-foot residence, which lies near the third green of the Isleworth Country Club. “They were building their dream house and wanted to do this themselves so that it would be more contiguous to the design of the rest of the house, which is Italian Renaissance.” Although the owners did not hire Kalomirakis, he did inspire them.


Influenced by Kalomirakis’ ability to make a home theater resemble a vintage cinema, the couple chose classic decorative moldings painted in gold to cover the overhead lighting, and large antique lanterns to light the aisles. “We wanted an old-world theater with lots of drama,” says the wife. “We felt that the style would transition into the rest of the house but still remain special for entertaining—a real ‘wow’ factor.”

The theater chairs were the most important consideration for the husband, says Irwin. “He needed to be very comfortable, as he is a huge Pacers fan and watches a lot of games in this room.” The couple eventually selected chairs from First Impressions, nine in all, and had them upholstered to match the decor.


An electronic equipment enthusiast, the husband chose to outfit the space with a 120-inch Draper screen with a Meridian 861 processor and seven Snell speakers, which, he feels, provide the optimal sound distribution for the 600-square-foot space. The theater is part of the home’s game wing, which also includes a billiard room and a recording studio.


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