Walker Zanger’s new Sketchbook collection showcases tile hand-painted by artisans

Walker Zanger’s Sketchbook collection is hand-painted, with each tile reflecting unique brushstrokes. Shown: Ripple in Black & White.

Artisans bring the new Sketchbook collection by Walker Zanger to life with unique paint-strokes in every ceramic tile, featuring a mid-century modern aesthetic to blend bold color and clean lines with organic graphics and geometric minimalism.

“The designs in Sketchbook are inspired by the whimsy of mid-century modern fabric design, bringing to mind artistic patterns by Lucienne Day and textile designs from Alexander Girard,” said Walker Zanger Vice President of Design and Marketing Jared Becker. “The name ‘Sketchbook’ signifies the process of marking by hand, presenting nature-based motifs in simple geometric patterns.”

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Carefully hand-painted, the bold black lines in the new collection reflect the work of the artisans who create them. Each individual tile is a work of art, as evidenced by the slight variations in the stroke and thickness of the lines. No two tiles are exactly alike, giving designers and homeowners a personalized design that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

The varied inspirations behind each design puts a new twist on mid-century modern style. The “Ripple” pattern reflects the fluidity of dropping a pebble into a pool of water, and “Dandelion” presents a whimsical interpretation of the flower with an attractive, mid-century modern sensibility. Featuring a simple palette of black, blue, grey and yellow, the collection makes a strong statement, adding fun visual appeal to backsplashes, bathrooms, restaurants and retail spaces.

“Creating a unique space begins with taking a new approach to design elements,” said Becker. “Fluidity, organic movement, and rippling water aren’t always associated with the modern aesthetic. Yet, by incorporating these concepts into Sketchbook, we’ve created a way to inspire and enhance modern spaces.”

For more information about the Sketchbook collection or other Walker Zanger products, please visit walkerzanger.com.

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