Watermark Designs Introduces Creative New Faucet Collection

Watermark Designs, the Brooklyn-based manufacturer of faucets, fixtures and accessories for residential and contract hospitality has unveiled a faucet collection that is as close to a grown-up Tinker Toy set as anyone in the kitchen and bath industry has seen. Completely customizable — from the finishes and handles to the height, width and length — Watermark’s Elan Vital shakes up the idea of what designing a custom faucet should be. Pushing the limits of industrial design as it relates to residential use, the team at Watermark Design used its successful Brooklyn faucet as a starting point to move even further into the stripped down aesthetic of modern industrial faucet design.

Designed initially as a collaboration between Susan Fredman Design Group, Hydrology and Watermark Designs for a Container Home project, the design of the faucet continued to evolve even after the project was completed.

“We originally worked on this faucet with designer Susan Fredman and David Kotowsky of Hydrology in Chicago, IL. When that project was finished, we realized that we had something very unique on our hands and we wanted to keep exploring the idea of what it meant to standardize custom design,” says Avi Abel, president of Watermark Designs. “Literally every Elan Vital faucet is made to specifications given to us from our customers and there is almost no restriction on the design. Customization has always been a hallmark of our company and now with Elan Vital, we really can say that we’ve made custom standard!”

Taking industrial design one step further, Elan Vital utilizes lever handles that are reminiscent of commercial ball vales except these use ¼” turn washerless ceramic disc cartridges. With Elan Vital, you specify the height, width and length you want or need and in which of Watermark Designs 39 finishes (including their new Aged Brass, shown in image) you want the finished product. Elan Vital may look as though it was plucked from an 18th century factory, but it has all the modern touches: a low-flow aerator (finished with intricate knurled metal), and the shower uses the industry’s smallest exposed thermostatic valve, giving the cleanest aesthetic for designers. You have never seen anything like this.

A complete collection, Elan Vital is available as a bridge, wall mount, deck mount, floor mount and thermostatic shower.

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