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Hästens Unveils Its Biggest Custom Mattress Yet

The bespoke circular mattress took nearly half a year to complete and measures around 14-feet wide.

Hästens Doolittle House Daniel Sahlberg

It’s not often a mattress is one of the defining features of a home, but Hästens may have created the exception to the rule.

The Swedish luxury bed purveyor, which has been crafting six-figure designs for more than a century, has just unveiled its largest custom bed to date in the organic architectural masterpiece that is Doolittle House. Located in Joshua Tree, this 1980s abode was penned by starchitect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg for artist Bev Doolittle and her husband, Jay.

The new owners wanted to add more sleeping space without disturbing “the poetic nature of the home,” as they felt a responsibility to stay aligned with the Doolittle’s original design. Adding new bedrooms was not an option, so the project’s interior designer, John Vugrin, decided to turn an area that featured a small indoor pool into a communal room centered around a large bed in which guests could lay and soak in views of the national park.

Hästens Doolittle House

Doolittle House in Joshua Tree was designed by starchitect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg.  Daniel Sahlberg

“John turned to us and asked if we could create not just a circular bed of 14 feet, but the largest one in our 170-year history,” Hästens partner Carl Larrson told Robb Report.

Hästens happily agreed to work together on the project, which took half a year to come to fruition. The team spent two months sketching and planning before the bed went into production; the handmade process then took four months and was overseen by master craftsmen at the Hästens “dream factory” in Köping, Sweden. At the same time, Vugrin hand-built an African mahogany wooden frame for the bed, which also took roughly four months to complete.

As Hästens uses all-natural materials in every design, the bespoke bed aligns not just with the home’s design, but with the surrounding landscape as well. The bed’s foundation features a combination of cotton, wool, flax and horsehair. The horsehair was chosen because it creates a natural ventilation system, according to Larrson. Essentially, each strand acts like a miniature airway to channel away moisture and let in fresh air.

Hästens Doolittle House

Designer John Vugrin with the handmade bed frame.  Daniel Sahlberg

The 14-footer, which is based on the popular 2000T model, will likely feel good, too. Hästens says it aims to find the right firmness for your body so that you actually activate the springs and natural fibers in the mattress for an “uplifting feeling.” Naturally, Vugrin has integrated the bed’s aesthetics with the rest of the distinctive home.

“My hope is that all those who visit the Doolittle House experience all the little details and all the little nuances the home has to offer,” Vugrin said in a statement. “It is all one experience, like one piece of music—every note counts to make a masterpiece like this.”

Hästens Doolittle House

The bespoke bed spans roughly 14 feet wide.  Daniel Sahlberg

Of course, Hästens is no stranger to crafting custom beds, as it has previously built specialty sleeping spots for royal families and A-listers alike. Drake, for instance, has a unique take on the extra-large Grand Vividus in his manse, which starts at $506,990 for a king-size. Larrson says the bed in Doolittle House is special because it points to a future in which luxury and sustainability come together and allow us to live in more sync with our natural surroundings.

“Now the family can lounge and sleep with a perfect view of the park… and when extra guests come, everyone can grab a blanket and find a perfect place to sleep,” he says.

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