Amateur Pilots Have a New Home on the Range

The Homesteads at Red Reflet Ranch each come with a personal hangar and use of the development’s private airport…

Aeronautically minded city slickers with a penchant for the Wild West have a new place to kick off their cowboy boots and hang up their flight jackets with the debut of the Homesteads at Red Reflet Ranch at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in Ten Sleep, Wyo. A one-stop solution for aircraft owner-operators looking for a vacation home in the Equality State, the development was envisioned by husband-and-wife team Laurence and Bob Kaplan—both pilots themselves—who own the nearby Red Reflet Guest Ranch resort.

Each of the residential community’s 12 parcels—ranging in size from 40 to 160 acres—includes easy access to Red Reflet’s private airport and a personal hangar located either on the parcel itself (if it abuts the airstrip) or at designated hangar sites along the airstrip. The runway itself is paved and extends 5,000 feet in length, so it should have no problem accommodating very-light to midsize jets, including 2016 Robb Report Best of the Best winners like the Embraer Phenom 300 and Cessna Citation Sovereign+. In addition to use of the airfield, owners can also take classes covering the finer points of mountain flying or participate in a training program to earn a Cessna type rating (the certification required to fly a wide array of Cessna Citation jet models).

Back on terra firma, residents can take advantage of the full range of activities afforded to guests of Red Reflet Guest Ranch, located five miles from the community. Specializing in outdoor adventure, the resort’s staff can arrange fly-fishing expeditions, ATV tours, skeet shoots, equestrian lessons, or even a trip to a nearby dinosaur dig site. And for a bit of cowboy fantasy fulfillment, residents can help out at the resort’s working cattle ranch—channeling their inner John Wayne to assist with driving, roping, and branding the herd.

In addition to the aforementioned private hangers, parcels can be developed with a main residence, a guesthouse, and a barn. Owners can work with their own architects to construct a home that maximizes views of the diverse surrounding terrain’s mountains, woods, creeks, and flatlands. They will also have front row seats to a pageant of wildlife—including mule deer, antelope, and small critters like foxes, prairie dogs, coyotes, and birds of prey—just outside of their windows. Elk sightings are also an occasional treat.

The homesteads at Red Reflet Ranch are priced from $435,000 to $1.23 million. (red-reflet-ranch.net)

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