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Inside a Tel Aviv Condo Building That Blends a 1920s Villa With Modernist Towers

Villa Rothschild is an innovative residential project featuring two contemporary buildings fused with a 1920s-era home.

Villa Rothschild Tel Aviv Blvd Terra

Tel Aviv, Israel is a city known for blending the old and new, and the past few decades have proven the city to be a burgeoning contemporary design hub. It is primarily known for its thousands of Bauhaus-style buildings, 2,000 which are protected by law, and as the “White City,” for its whitewashed buildings.

With so much development in Tel Aviv, architects are designing innovative residences that unite the past and present. Bar Orian Architects, an Israeli firm that works around the globe, recently debuted Villa Rothschild, located on Rothschild Boulevard, one of the most desirable residential locations in all of Tel Aviv.

Villa Rothschild Tel Aviv

The new, contemporary building designed by Bra Orian.  Blvd Terra

Bar Orian is known for its conservation and restoration projects, as well as their investment and interest in modern architecture. There are two seven-story contemporary buildings that are positioned around the Beit Awad Villa, an early 20th-century building by Russian-born Israeli architect Joseph Berlin. There are city penthouses, a fifth-floor villa and two garden villas within the contemporary structures. Each spans an entire floor. 

The villa was preserved by Tel Aviv’s strict preservation laws, but Bar Orian worked closely with the city to ensure that no changes were made to the building apart from an addition to the basement floor. What you see, apart from restorations, is the original building from the 1920s. This includes the original decorative staircases, original mailboxes and restored paintings. The architectural style of the villa is Eclectic, which is when a single piece of work includes many different styles of motifs, ornamentation, decorative details and structural features. It was popular in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Villa Rothschild Tel Aviv

There are just a select number of residences.  Blvd Terra

To bring Villa Rothschild into modern day, the development features state-of-the-art technology, high-quality material and a fresh restoration to breathe life back into the 1920s villa. Unlike other skyscrapers, Villa Rothschild offers a thoughtful and personalized residence that is completely unique from anything else in the city. 

“You can’t just destroy the old and build new,” says Gidi Bar Orian. “There is value to each of the project’s new buildings as they sit and overlook the Eclectic-style building.”

Villa Rothschild Tel Aviv

A bedroom.  Blvd Terra

Most units include spacious decks overlooking the city, Mediterranean, or the Beit Awad Villa; lush gardens; and spacious layouts, while a select few have stunning private pools. There’s a doorman there 24/7; a concierge that can set up anything from laundry pickup to restaurant reservations; a temperature-controlled wine cellar; ample extra storage; and private parking. It’s also conveniently located next to several of Tel Aviv’s most beloved restaurants, nightlife and entertainment venues, and is just a short walk from the beach.

Check out more photos of the property below:

Villa Rothschild Tel Aviv

The contemporary living room.  Blvd Terra

Villa Rothschild Tel Aviv

Select units have private pools.  Blvd Terra

Villa Rothschild Tel Aviv

A spacious backyard.  Blvd Terra

Villa Rothschild Tel Aviv

The kitchen and living room.  Blvd Terra

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