Fashion Mogul Tom Ford Is Selling His Spectacular New Mexico Ranch

The 20,000-acre ranch features a Wild West town, airstrip, eight-stall horse barn, and more…

Many aspects of Tom Ford’s New Mexico ranch (dubbed Cerro Pelon) look like something straight out of the wild frontier: horses roam the plains, wildflowers blossom, and a lone windmill stands guard over hazy purple mountains. If the peaceful property seems like it could fit in an old Western movie, that’s because it already has. A number of Western films, including Silverado, Cowboys & Aliens, and 3:10 to Yuma, were filmed at Silverado—Cerro Pelon’s onsite set populated by Wild West–style buildings.


Located half an hour from Santa Fe, the 20,662-acre ranch also features an eight-stall horse barn, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, and separate living quarters for ranch hands. Surprisingly modern amidst its remote desert surroundings, the main residence—designed by acclaimed Japanese architect Tadao Ando—is a minimalist, glass-walled shrine suspended over a reflecting pool. An airstrip and hangar round out the property’s impressive amenities.

“If you spend time on our ranch or in the American West or anywhere in nature, all of a sudden, all the things you worry about all the time fade away,” Tom Ford once said. “That’s why one of the greatest problems with where we are culturally at this time is that we’ve all lost touch with the earth and that which is really important in the world.” Suffice it to say that spending time at the secluded ranch will afford friends and family ample time to reconnect with what matters most to them. Pricing information for the ranch is available upon request. (kevinbobolskygroup.com

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