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7 Magnificent Homes With Bunkers, Panic Rooms and Other Safe Spaces for the End Times

When the going gets tough, the tough hide behind a big steel door.

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These aren’t the end times, but the news of Covid-19’s continued spread does make one stop, think and rewatch Contagion on Hulu. An in-home panic room can provide a great deal of comfort during a global pandemic–a sort of reassurance that, should worse ever really come to worst, you’ll have somewhere to hole up for a bit and wait it all out. Thankfully, there are service providers, such as Covert Concepts in New York and Panic Room Builders in California, who can retrofit your home with a secure space that’s hidden behind a bookshelf or beneath the floorboards.

Full-blown bunkers are another option. Larry David’s Survival Condo project in Kansas have done just that: A luxurious, fallout-proof underground space with penthouses starting at $4.5 million. Survival Condo has also addressed the elephant in the room, with a note on its website proclaiming that, “Yes, our filters can screen out this virus.” And if Larry David’s project doesn’t suit you, you can always just build your own with the help of Rising S Company, which offers an Aristocrat option with its own bowling alley, theater and swimming pool for $8.35 million.

Of course, you can also just buy a home that already has a panic room built in. Here are seven on the market that will keep you safe come rain, shine or zombie apocalypse.

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