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5 Homes With State-of-the-Art Security Systems, From Infrared Cameras to Biometric Locks 

Plus, experts weigh in on the top rooms to safeguard within your home.

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Safety has always been paramount when searching for a home, and today’s security offerings can look like something out of a Bond movie. It’s far more sophisticated than high gates and concrete walls; technology like biometric locks, AI-assisted cameras, and automated software is becoming the norm. When deciding just how far you want to go with home security features, it depends on several factors. Most importantly comes down to your level of risk, where you live, and what exactly you’re trying to protect. 

“I’ve done many threat assessments over the years, and these include looking at crime, hotspots, the neighborhood, town, region, and personal threat profiles,” says Robert Oatman of R.L. Oatman and Associates, a Maryland-based protection firm that specializes in executive protection. “The way we approach security is common sense: good lighting on your property, put your cars in your garage, and cameras turned on. Today’s technology is very robust, and it allows you to have a set of protocols for the family. But I always say that high-tech security doesn’t work if it’s not user-friendly.” 

David Vranicar is the managing director of Fortified and Ballistic Security, which provides high-security doors and windows, from bulletproof and hurricane-certified windows to firearm- and flame-resistant doors (from $10,000 to $100,000+) accompanied by high-tech software. He says that many of today’s solutions—like Ring lights, alarm systems, and even basic facial recognition technology— aren’t secure at all. His recommendation? Cameras with 3-D facial recognition technology, which can provide the highest level of security.

“High-tech security is great but function and form have to have and place, and it has to make sense,” he says, adding that if you were to safeguard one room, it is the bedroom. “From a high-tech security standpoint, we use advanced facial recognition with a company out of Germany. Three dimensional facial recognition technology reads the bone structure around your eye, which doesn’t change until puberty until you die. It’s impossible to fake.”

Read on for five homes with high-tech security features.

A Biometric Gun Safe and Infrared Camera Sensors

high-tech security homes
There is also a Control4 automation system for remote security access. Luxury Production Studios/ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Residents will have peace of mind in this $12.5 million Fort Lauderdale, Fla. home. The five-bedroom waterfront home has contemporary interiors with amenities like a newly built dock for vessels up to 80 feet; a movie room; antique brass bar; heated saltwater pool; gym; and wine vault. There’s also an advanced security system that has remote-controlled CCTV cameras with infrared sensors; alarm sensors for all doors and windows; a biometric gun safe with rapid release; thermal images; interior, audio-enabled cameras; and a front gate with cameras and digital keypad access. There’s also a Control4 automation system so residents have remote access to everything in their homes, from the water heater and generator to doors, blinds, garage doors, and gates.

Cameras Surrounding Every Inch of the Property

High-tech security homes
The comprehensive security system is hidden in plain sight. Nest Seekers International

The former Hamptons home of Joy Mangano, inventor of the Miracle Mop and the entrepreneur the film Joy was based on, is listed for $20 million. The property spans nine acres and the main residence has 20,000 square feet of living space with 14 bedrooms. With so much space, it only makes sense that the property is secured from every angle. There is a comprehensive security system with cameras throughout every inch of the property and smart-home technology that can be completely controlled from your cell phone. 

Panic Buttons With Armed Response

High-tech security homes
Multiple panic buttons and a nearby private security guard help residents feel at ease. Christie’s International Real Estate

Built in the 1820s and sensitively restored, this Cape Town, South Africa residence might look like a simple seaside home. However, the residence is equipped with high-tech features for the ultimate protection. Not only is there an alarm system in place with the exterior beams, but there are multiple panic buttons that are linked to an armed response and a state-of-the-art security camera system. The neighborhood also has a private security guard, who is stationed just feet from the front door. 

Facial and Fingerprint Recognition Technology–Plus a Safe Room

High-tech security home
The fingerprint and facial recognition technology can be found throughout many parts of the home. Luxury Portfolio International

This idyllic home in the Belgium town of Tervuren, located in east Brussels, is a picture-perfect home and ideal for those with families. There’s a swimming pool, soccer pitch, and disco room, but for those who want to keep their families safe, it also is ideally suited for safety. The Crestron-operated smart home has several automated features like app-controlled lighting, sound, and temperature, plus a sophisticated security system. The gated entry, wine cellar, garage doors, and other areas have fingerprint recognition technology, as well as a safe door with facial recognition technology. 

Over 60 Security Cameras and an Easy-Access Helipad

High-tech security homes
The property is also surrounded by walls. Sotheby’s International Realty

The privacy measures at Casa Blanca in Austin, Texas go beyond the 10-foot iron gate and the eight- to 18-foot stone and concrete walls that surround the property. Both are designed to conceal the home and its backyard from prying eyes. While that only might deter some people from entering, others might be scared off from the 60-plus security cameras the home has inside and out. There is also smart-home technology, as well as a rooftop helipad for quick come-and-go access. Whether you’re trying to stave off intruders or simply want to enjoy the home’s many amenities in peace, this house might be for you. 

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