This $32 Million Beverly Hills Home Is a Woodsy Cabin Retreat in the Middle of the City

The so-called Upside Down House flips the standard home layout on its head, but it's the forest-like surroundings that justify the price tag.

Oak Pass House Photography by Jim Bartsch

What’s in a name? A lot it turns out. Oak Pass House, a 3.5-acre property on the market in Los Angeles, originally embraced a title that honored the astonishing 130-plus oak trees surrounding it. But somewhere along the line, it became known as “The Upside Down House.”

We’ll admit, that’s certainly catchier than “the house with lots and lots of trees around it,” but it’s also not entirely accurate. The new moniker conjures up the image of a bottoms-up A-frame, rather than the lush Beverly Hills forest retreat that it is. (If you don’t believe us, just try punching “upside down” and “house” into your search engine of choice.)

The property was designed by Noah Walker, an architect known for an aesthetic that’s both warm and minimalist. But the 8,000-square-foot property’s title is a result of its hilltop location. Bedrooms are on the first floor, embedded underground within the hillside, beneath a green—and we mean that quite literally—roof. Public spaces are on the above floor; hence, the layout is flipped compared to that of traditional houses—upside down, if you will. (We’re not sure we’d go so far—though you may at times feel like you’re in the Upside Down.)

Regardless of whether the home earns its nickname, you can chalk up its $32 million price tag to its singular home-away-from-California landscape. Outside, a 75-foot infinity edge lap pool blends seamlessly into the oaken surroundings; one tree even hangs over the pool itself. True to LA’s favorite adopted non-competitive sport, hiking paths line the grounds. Essentially, you get all the benefits of a cabin getaway, but with 10 times the luxury, and you’re actually in the city.

The infinity pool

The infinity pool  Photography by Jim Bartsch

The property also features a free-standing, Walker-designed guest house. It boasts an equally left-of-center layout, with a revamped barn serving as a communal space for the approximately 2,000-square-foot structure. But don’t worry—this one is decidedly right side up.

The Oak Pass Guest House

The Oak Pass Guest House  Photography by Jim Bartsch

And, should your guests prove few and far between, you’ll still be in stellar company. TV star Lisa Vanderpump, and actors Jessica Alba and Channing Tatum are just a few of the property’s high-profile neighbors. Should they pay a visit, be sure to remind them that the living room is just up the stairs.

Tomer Fridman, Michael Chen and Adam Rosenfeld of Compass are listing agents. See more photos of not-quite-upside-down Oak Pass House below:

The living room

The living room  Photography by Jim Bartsch

The kitchen

The kitchen  Photography by Jim Bartsch

The dining room

The dining room  Photography by Jim Bartsch

The bedroom

The bedroom  Photography by Jim Bartsch

The courtyard

The courtyard  Photography by Jim Bartsch

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