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The Feng Shui in This $19 Million San Francisco Home Might Just Cleanse Your Energy Map

These new digs should help you find some inner peace.

The dining room area and stairway. Photo: Jacob Elliot

There’s something about the inherently good-feeling quality a home (or private jet) that adheres to the principles gives its owners. Harnessing the powers of design, feng shui redirects chi (read: energy) to create optimal synergy. Most feng shui success stories involve the elements, energy maps and lucky numbers—not to mention immaculate furniture orientation. But at a new San Francisco address, chi harmonies are baked into the very walls.

The sleek, 6,050 square-foot home at 2833 Vallejo is marketed as “Scandinavian-inflected,” “California-inspired” and, most importantly, “the highest expression of feng shui.” Developer Alicia Chang and architect Vivian Lee dreamed up the fresh batch of residential real estate, the result of a long friendship spent swapping real estate and design ideas over lunch. The result is a project inspired by the duo’s childhoods in Asia—in particular, the architecture of Hong Kong, where feng shui shapes the very skyline.

Lee and Chang’s five-story brainchild boasts four bedrooms, six-and-a-half bathrooms and a four-car garage, with floor-to-ceiling window views of the Bay from the exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood. And it’s these views that give the property its feng shui cred: View and location of a home are the art form’s obsession, and, ideally, feng shui homes are situated with a hillside guarding the back and a water view in the front.

“This is the most ideal siting for any prized home—in Hong Kong, these are the most exclusive properties,” said Lee. “We felt an immediate affinity for this house and believed it was meant to be our dream project.”

And if the glassy interior isn’t enough, residents can catch the in-house elevator up to the roof deck for an even more glorious glimpse of both Bay and mountain vistas. You can expect to stand out from the crowd a bit, should you choose to purchase. Pacific Heights’ surrounding homes are largely Victorian in style, so the slick, modern lines of this house break from the norm. But it’s entirely possible that those Victorians don’t offer the same peace of mind as this $19 million ode to an even older stylistic principal.

Val Steele and Ana Diekhising of Compass are the listing agents for the property.

Take a look inside the home, below:

The living room.

The living room.  Photo: Jacob Elliot

The master bedroom.

The master bedroom.  Photo: Jacob Elliot

The first floor staircase.

The first-floor staircase.  Photo: Jacob Elliot

The roof deck.

The roof deck.  Photo: Jacob Elliot

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