3 Stylish New Carry-On Bags to Roll With This Fall

Keep calm and carry-on with one of these stand-out suitcases.

Carry-on Luggage Joshua Scott

If you value luggage that’s as stylish as the clothes you put inside it, you can’t rely on cookie-cutter carry-ons to do the trick. That’s why the new crop of roll-aboard bags feels so exciting. They’re tailor-made for jet setters who want well-made travel gear that can handle planes, trains, automobiles—and whatever other methods of conveyance you may encounter—and still look great when they reached their final destination.

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano Bank Spinner 53

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano 21-inch hard-top Bank Spinner 53 with aluminum outer shell and leather handles

Courtesy of Boyds Philadelphia


It’s hard not to love Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano, a young luggage concern that makes everything from rolling trunks to mobile pilates stations. The 21-inch hard-top Bank Spinner 53 features an aluminum shell and leather handles—and won’t look like anything else you see rolling through the departures lounge.

Buy Now: $1,795

Globe-Trotter Centenary

Globe-Trotter Centenary 20-inch trolley case with leather corners and handles

Courtesy of Globe-Trotter

Few luggage brands do classic as well as Globe-Trotter. But make no mistake: while at first glance it may look like the same bags the company made in the early 1900s, the Centenary 20-inch trolley case is built to withstand the rigors of today. That means sturdy wheels, secure locks, a telescoping handle and a size that will suit many overhead bins.

Buy Now: $1,785

Zero Halliburton Carbon-Fiber Carry-On

Zero Halliburton carbon-fiber 22-inch frameless carry-on with high-gloss finish

Courtesy of Zero Halliburton

While many associate Zero Halliburton with the kind of bulletproof aluminum that’s become an unbeatable material for frequent flyers, the brand’s attractive new carbon fiber bags are every bit as hard-wearing as their metal cousins. Each one is made by hand, using artisan-made carbon fiber from Japan. Their frameless construction means the bags are lightweight, but their painstaking construction might make them the most exacting thing at 38,000 feet.

Buy Now: $3,250

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