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These Weekender Bags Come with Real Tire Track Marks Courtesy of Mercedes

Who knew tire tracks would become a fashion statement?

Mercedes-AMG Collaboration Photo: Courtesy of Destroy vs. Beauty

The craze for style pieces that are made in exclusive limited drops or made from something so wildly unique that it looks like nothing else on the market has reached new heights. It’s no shock that, in a world where the task to keep things fresh, online, in stores, and on Instagram, the competition is steeper than ever. Remember that $35,000 metal saddle bag Dior just released? Virgil Abloh’s even making harnesses a thing over at Louis Vuitton. But the Destroy vs. Beauty BurnOut collaboration with Mercedes-AMG may be the first time a car burnout has been used to help create an accessory.

The German company spent years getting the fabric just right, one that can withstand all weather elements, but also 516 pound-feet of torque. The neutral-colored fabric first takes a trip to a nearby race track, where the savage power of the Mercedes-AMG GT R gets to leave its mark.

Mercedes-AMG Collaboration

Photo: Courtesy of Destroy vs. Beauty

The fabric is taped to the tarmac, a hair in front of the GT R’s rear wheel. With the traction control dialed back and the launch control mode enacted, the car shrieks away, ripping over the fabric and shooting it up and out the back. Watch the process for yourself here, in this video from Mercedes-AMG. 

When you flip the fabric over, you’ll see a unique streak from the tires emblazoned there. The verdict is still out with the fashion-forward elite, but we bet plenty of petrolheads and their significant others will likely embrace the aesthetic. 



Mercedes-AMG Collaboration

Photo: Courtesy of Destroy vs. Beauty

The rubber-infused fabric is next transformed into a variety of accessories for men and women. There are wallets, which start at $202 and go up, and messenger bags, which retail for $428. The prices jump from there, with a laptop bag fetching $597, a day-trip bag for $654, and a weekender bag going for $769.

Despite the speed required for the streaks, the end products take weeks to finish, so customers should plan accordingly when ordering. Destroy vs. Beauty can also accommodate custom tire marks, should you want to do your own burn outs.

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